Ambassador in Athens

Ambassador in Athens

Carl Barkman arrived in Athens as the Dutch ambassador in 1969 during the early years of the Junta, and became in fact the most outspoken of the European Community representatives, interceding with the Colonels on behalf of political prisoners and bringing pressure to bear for the restoration of democratic government.

The picture he draws of the Junta years gives a unique insight not only into the devious, contradictory and often irrational workings of the Colonels' policies, but into the diplomacy of the USA and the European countries.

Mr. Barkman also closely fonowed the events in the negotiations that followed the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, and his account is, we believe, the most detailed and least biassed to appear to date.

The author’s genial style and attractive personality make this book a delight to read, and his comments on people and events are perceptive and critical. The effect in all is to give an objective-and devastating-portrait of this ignominious period of modem Greek history.

The Merlin Press, London 1989, ISBN 085036 3438